Homemade Takeaway Vs Your Usual Takeaway

Apps… They make things so accessible, and when it comes to ordering in a takeaway, it’s no different. They can make it extremely tempting to put the feet up, turn on Netflix and order you and your crew a Pizza, Chinese or anything that takes your fancy.

Ordering a takeaway is a great opportunity to get comfortable, spend time with your loved ones and unwind from a hard days work. We have a question for you though, what’s stopping you ordering a fresh homemade takeaway? Here are some reasons why we think you should give homemade takeaways a go.

Homemade Is Definitely Healthier

Fresh ingredients, freshly cooked, what more could you want? Studies show that most takeaways and restaurant meals typically contain higher amounts of sodium, saturated fat, total fat and calories than homemade food.

If we take a look at calories, studies have shown that an average takeaway order will have between 1,100 and 1,200 calories, and restaurants will be around the 1,300 per meal. Thats quite a few, especially if its something that you are tracking or trying to be mindful of. Homemade dishes can have significantly less and a lot less salt and fat.

The Increasing Costs

Now we are pretty sure that takeaways have increased in price a fair amount in the last few years. This could be down to a lot of locations partnering with the likes of Just Eat and Deliveroo. This is great for the takeaway vendors as they have instant exposure to a lot more customers. What this means for the customer though is that prices are raised to cover the costs of this. Deliveroo, for example, are charging a higher delivery fee now and the vendor is charged a commission of the order fee, for Just Eat its very similar. If we are looking at just the cost of food alone, our fresh homemade takeaways are in comparison, at least 33% cheaper than Deliveroo. This is a difference that you will certainly see (or feel in your wallet).

Our homemade takeaways are usually delivered by a delivery company, who charge a flat fee, while companies such as Deliveroo will charge more dependent on the distance.

So Whats For Dinner Tonight?

Yes okay, we may be (a bit) biased in this argument as we can see the benefit of a freshly made homemade takeaway versus a Curry or a Chinese or even sitting down at a restaurant. Quality and nutritional value will be vastly improved and there’s a wide selection of different styles of foods available to you. Food from takeaway places is generally very tasty, the flavour generally far exceeds anything we’ve been able to produce in our own kitchen. They must have a “secret” recipe right? Many do of course, matching whole foods with real spices and seasoning to taste amazing, the real food alchemy! Others, and this can include higher end locations, use additives that enhance flavour, ranging from the “benign” of salt and sugar, to the “risky” of artificial flavour enhancers in pre-made sauces. Homemade takeaways steer clear of these. It’s what you could call ‘Guilt Free’ eating, and it’s why we want you to try it.

Check out the HomeCooked UK app to see what’s available in your area and you can decide for yourself.