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HomeCooked UK is a platform that enables people to

purchase fresh home-cooked food prepared by professional

or hobbyist cooks using the best quality ingredients with

users being able to select from a multitude of cuisines and

chefs in order to enjoy authentic home-cooked food.

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β€œOne cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”  β€“ Virginia Woolf

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Tired of unhealthy take-away food? HomeCooked UK is the brand new app that lets you order healthy and authentic home-cooked food prepared by people who are passionate about cooking.

At HomeCooked UK we realise that every cuisine, every dish and every chef has a story to tell. That's exactly why we are going back to the basics by reviving the art of HOME-COOKING.

Are you passionate about cooking? Our app enables you to cook, showcase and sell your dishes while providing you with full flexibility as you can set the price and schedule the availability of your dishes any time you want.

We are launching very soon in London, Manchester and Liverpool.

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