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As you all know there is no substitute for real authentic homecooked food, by which we mean tasty, healthy and full of quality ingredients.
Unfortunately, modern lifestyle has forced many of us to resort to unhealthy food habits.

With our mobile app you can finally order healthy and authentic home-cooked food prepared by people who are passionate about cooking.

Oh by the way! Our cooks are carefully vetted and as a prerequisite they should hold a level 2 certificate in food safety and hygiene and register their premises with their respective local authorities (councils).

Our vision is to bring high quality homecooked food to everyone who enjoys a fresh and healthy meal but has no time or skill to prepare one for themselves.

At HomeCooked UK we realise that every cuisine, every dish and every chef has a story to tell. That's exactly why we are going back to the basics and reviving the art of HOME-COOKING.

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HomeCooked UK has been selected amongst the Top 20 innovative companies into the 2018 Global Class of Startups Programme